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Sarah Stevenson of Hobson Montana

Wins MOGA Four Wheeler Raffle

Sarah Stevenson, Hobson Montana, was drawn as this year’s winner of the Honda Foreman Four Wheeler donated to MOGA by Montana Honda and Marine in Billings.  Upon hearing that she won she made a point to drop by and personally thank Jim and James Winchell for their donation.  Of her visit she said “The Winchell’s are great people and very pro-MOGA.  They are extremely appreciative for all we do to support conservation of the land and access for the private citizen for hunting as well as recreation.”.

Sarah has been an Outfitter for 22 years and a member of MOGA for as long as she can remember.  When she was first licensed to Outfit in Montana there was only one other woman licensed in the state to do so.  To reach her main hunting camp she must make 29 river crossings into the Little Belt Mountains on private land surrounded by a wilderness study area. Of the trip she says “Although we frequently go in and out on horseback, the best method of transportation is a 4-wheeler. My wonderful new Honda 4-wheeler will be put to good use.”

MOGA members can give thanks to Montana Honda and Marine in Billings with a short email to James Winchell at or visit