Governor Bullock Denies MOGA and FWP Request to Issue Additional Non-Resident Licenses Governor Bullock took a pass on a proposal that would have generated over $15 million in rural commerce today when he denied a joint MOGA and FWP proposal to issue additional non-resident licenses to unsuccessful applicants who had previously booked through an outfitter. The proposal, originally authored by MOGA and amended and endorsed by FWP, was forwarded to the Governor and would have provided every non-resident who had booked with an outfitter but who had been unsuccessful in the general big-game draw to receive a big game hunting license this year. The rationale was that non-resident outfitted clients spend an average of $5,000 per person while the non-outfitted non-resident spends about $600 per person. This would have generated a significant amount of commerce and helped rural communities, already hard-hit by soft Ag and cattle prices, to recover... Read More