Montana Outfitter Directory

Welcome to Slide Rock Outfitters! Over my 30 plus years in the outfitting industry, I've witnessed 100's of hunter's come to Montana with a goal in mind and that's to be successful in their hunting trip. The majority of those hunters are successful in bagging their game, but everyone that hunts with Slide Rock Outfitters knows they have been on a real fair-chase hunt. We limit the number of hunters in camp to only 4 per hunt, so your goal of having success can become a reality. Whether it's a bull elk, that mossy horned muley or maybe even a mountain goat that is on your bucket list, we know where to find them and how to get into position for the shot. We sincerely care about your hunt and want you to be totally satisfied with us. We can't promise weather conditions, but we prepare for your hunt with Good Guides and Cooks as well as excellent equipment and horses. We will Hunt from Daylight to Dark to help secure your game and ensure you the best possibility of a successful and enjoyable hunt. Come spend time with us and let us show you western hospitality and enjoy a wilderness adventure where we follow the U. S. Forest Service Impact Philosophy: "Disguise the sight and sound of your passage, leaving no sign that you were ever there.
5 Microwave Hill Road Suite I
Montana City, MT 59634
Ph: (406) 449-3578 / Fax: (406) 449-9769