Here is a little about me. I have been hunting and fishing since I was 4 years old. I killed my first whitetail at the young age of 6. I was hooked to say the least. My dad got it on video for me. I love all aspects of hunting and fishing. I’ve always had the dream to become a guide. I guided my first hunt when I was 9 years old. I took a family friend on his first whitetail hunt. He bagged a buck on the first morning hunt. He was so excited and I was just as excited for him. I knew at that point this was my calling. I’ve been guiding family and friends off and on ever since. I’m very knowledgeable in the following;  hunting, fishing, tracking, reading sign, shooting, archery, hiking, backpacking, map reading, navigating, skinning, processing game, cooking game, camping etc. I can ride horses and mules. However I prefer mules. That being said i am not an avid horseman but can ride. I want to work as an Apprentice to gain experience.... Read More