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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Banner Ad?
A banner ad is a highly visible advertisement that contains a graphical ad that users can click and leads directly to your business website.
When will the banner ads run?
Banner ads can be purchased by month and you can select the time frame you want your ad to run. Sales will be made on a first come first serve basis so do not delay. For example, there will be a total of eight banner ad placements (2 large and 6 small) available each month. The months of December, January, February thru March are likely the most desirable for the Outfitters/Businesses engaged in hunting services. Those ads will go fast.
People wanting to place Banner ads related to fishing adventures/service may look toward the booking season and the summer pick-up season. You can purchase now and pre-schedule your ad to run at the time you want it to.
Where do banner ads run?
Banner ads appear on the MOGA website in four areas:

1) Top Sidebar Ad (300px by 300px): a square spot in the right hand column. This ad spot will be held by a maximum of 2 vendors, meaning that for each page visited on the MOGA website your ad will appear 50% of the time (or more). Price is $150 for 30 days.

2) Lower Sidebar Ad (300px by 300px): a square spot in the right hand column. This ad spot will be held by a maximum of 2 vendors, meaning that for each page visited on the MOGA website your ad will appear 50% of the time (or more). Price is $150 for 30 days.

3) Footer Ad (450px by 80px): a larger spot in the bottom footer that appears on EVERY Page of the MOGA website. This premiere ad spot will be held by a maximum of 2 vendors and randomly rotated per page. This means that for each page visited on the MOGA website, your ad will appear 50% of the time (or more). Price is $200 for 30 days. Appearing on EVERY page of the MOGA site is a real advantage.

4) Sidebar Ad (300px by 300px): a square spot in the right hand column. This ad spot will be held by a maximum of 2 vendors, meaning that for each page visited on the MOGA website your ad will appear 50% of the time (or more). Price is $100 for 30 days.

When will sales start and How much is will they cost?
Ads may be purchased NOW and will be live on the website immediately after purchase. Pricing: large (footer) size on the Home Page is $200/30-day period. Side Bar AD Space on the Home Page is $150/30-day period. Side Bar Ad space on the NEWS Page is $100/30-day period.

Can MOGA Member Outfitters buy Banner Ads?

Yes, the MOGA Board has agreed that MOGA member outfitters may indeed buy space and advertise on the MOGA website.

Who develops the banner ads?
This can be done two ways;
1) The purchaser can provide camera ready logos and art work or
2) Call the MOGA office and we will connect you with our designer to create your banner at a very modest cost to you.

How Do I purchase a banner Ad?
Just call or email the MOGA office and we will get you set up. It is actually pretty easy to do and highly effective advertising. For more information, please contact the MOGA Office or call 406.449.3578.


November 12, 2018

Contact: Mac Minard, Executive Director

406 449-3578 (office)

406 439-2059 (cell)

Samantha Gibbs, a wildlife veterinarian with the Fish and Wildlife Service and a leading expert on chronic wasting disease, has shared the latest research on CWD, a neurological condition affecting ungulates that was detected in a number of deer in Montana last year. 

Gibbs outlines what to do when field dressing and processing an animal, the best equipment to use, and how to disinfect clothing and gear you suspect of contamination. 

Download the PowerPoint slides below to learn more about how you can prevent the spread of CWD and keep Montana’s wildlife healthy.

CWD Safety Recommendations for MOGA members

Click on the link to watch the TV news feed.  


$1,000 donation from CHS  – KTVH News feed

HELENA, MT – April 12, 2018

The Professional Outfitters and Guides of America, of which MOGA is a member, joined nine other National sportsmen-conservation organizations that have announced their support of the GO Act (Senate Bill 2335) introduced by U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota and co-sponsored by Sens. James E. Risch (ID), John Thune (SD), and Steve Daines (MT). These 10 organizations represent tens of thousands of hunting and conservation organizations.

The outfitting and guiding industry is a highly regulated partner to federal land managers. The use of licensed and permitted outfitters provides many Americans the opportunity to experience firsthand their vast public lands and national treasures. Providing for these experiences keeps these national treasures and the agencies that manage them relevant today.

The Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act and the outfitter and guide permitting authority it contains will expire on Sept. 30, 2019. In addition to reauthorization of permitting authority, the GO Act will correct key permitting problems that threaten access for the public and impact many small businesses operating under federal permits. The GO Act will enhance opportunities for other organized groups to run trips as well as facilitate responsible access for new activities.

In addition to renewing Forest Service and BLM permitting authority, the GO Act will:

– reduce federal costs by encouraging the use of previous environmental analyses when issuing permits for the same or similar activities

– establish a reasonable permit use review formula to allow for consideration waivers due to a lack of available hunting licenses or the impact of natural disasters like drought and fire

– require agencies to reduce permit processing times

– allow extensions of existing permits for periods up to five years

Other sportsmen-conservation organizations joining the Montana Outfitter and Guides Association in support of passage of the GO Act include The Professional Outfitters and Guides of America, Archery Trade Association, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, Conservation Force, Houston Safari Club, National Rifle Association, Quality Deer Management Association, Sportsmen’s Alliance and Safari Club International.

Passage of the GO Act will serve as an important step to ensuring that the public has access to its national public lands and that the industry that supports that access is sustained.


Are you one of the MOGA Member Outfitters who has NOT taken advantage of the help MOGA can provide to protect you, your business, and your family from unnecessary risk?  If so, please take a few minutes and take the steps necessary to get the protection MOGA fought hard to attain for you and your business. (read more…)

Staff Sergeant Nathaniel Shurter was honored last week for his military service and sacrifices for our country.

Big Hearts Under the Big Sky and the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association gathered together to honor the veteran.

Around a dinner table at the Montana City Grill and Saloon Tuesday night, Shurter, his wife Olivia and outfitters and guides that are part of the Big Hearts Under the Big Sky program shared stories from their Montana adventures.

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?Mac Minard

(406) 449-3578


(Helena, Mont.)—Mac Minard, Executive Director of Montana Outfitters and Guides Association (MOGA), and chairman of Professional Outfitters and Guides of America (POGA), have been invited to present a paper entitled Economic Value of Outfitter Donated Trips at the 14th Annual National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses – Legislators Summit being held in Traverse City, Michigan.  The theme of this year’s summit is Celebrating the American System of Conservation Funding: 80 Years of Success. 

“This is a terrific honor and a unique opportunity to share the role Outfitters play in funding wildlife and fisheries conservation in the United States.  I doubt most people know just how much popular conservation organizations like Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Safari Club International depend on outfitter donations to underwrite their important activities.  This forum, because of the theme, and the presence of many State Legislators, provides an excellent opportunity to share that information,” said Minard.

The paper Minard will present summarizes results of a recent study that demonstrates Outfitters, as a group, are the largest donor block to Conservation organizations in the nation.  Results from an eight-state survey of 4,000 Outfitter businesses showed that in 2016, 90% of Outfitter businesses surveyed donated hunting or fishing trips to 44 Conservation organizations and the retail value of those donations exceeded $25 million dollars US.

The National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses (NASC) serves as the single source of information on a broad number of sportsmen’s issues for the 48 state legislative sportsmen’s caucuses. The NASC also serves as the unifying entity for these caucuses which allows for interaction and idea exchange among state legislators. Additionally, NASC functions as a liaison between the state caucuses, governor’s offices, and numerous industry representatives and corporate partners by facilitating their interaction and by providing forums for information and idea exchange.

Minard will be presenting on behalf of the Professional Outfitters and Guides of America.


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