Hunter Angler Defense Fund (HADF)

Hunter Angler Access Defense Fund

Outfitters Defending Nationwide Right to Hunt and Fish in Montana

Did you know that Outfitting is the fourth largest in direct expenditures by nonresident visitors and number one in supporting non-government conservation organizations. You and your industry are a vital part of the tourism economy and conservation efforts in Montana, and yet MOGA is constantly called upon to defend your industry and the right of non-residents to hunt and fish in Montana.

Supporting MOGA has been a good bet; there has not been a single piece of anti-outfitter legislation signed by a Governor since 1993! We have brought stability to licensing and curbed runaway government regulation. We are not sitting back though, there is still much work to do; revising the way wildlife is valued and managed in Montana, from elk to deer to lions and fisheries. MOGA will be on the front line representing your interests as we advocate for science-based wildlife and fisheries management and block ill-conceived attacks on the industry.

Success is not cheap and thank you to the many who answered the call. In 2022, 75 MOGA members raised $169,000 through Hunter Angler Defense Fund participation. To those businesses we owe a huge debt of gratitude. Those who have participated tell us that it was simple to do, and client pushback was non-existent. If you have not participated PLEASE DO.

I hope we can count on you to join your fellow Outfitters and fully participate in Hunter Angler Defense this year. HADF is the simplest way to ensure that MOGA will continue to be the voicedefending the rights of your clients to hunt and fish in Montana. If you need help in getting the HADF system set up in your business give us a call or shoot an email and we will get you up and rolling.

Thanks again for your full participation in HADF in 2023!

Mac Minard
Executive Director
Montana Outfitters and Guides Association
2021 11th Avenue, Ste. 12
Helena, MT 59601
(406) 449-3578 office
(406) 439-2059 cell

2022 HADF Participants – Thank you!

2H Outdoors
4 Dot Outfitters
7 Lazy P Outfitting
A Lazy H Outfitters
Absaroka Beartooth Outfitters
Accurate Outfitters
Anchor Outfitting
Anchor Outfitting
Anchor P Outfitters
Backcountry Montana Adventures
Banthem Outfitting
Bear Paw Outfitters
Billingsley Ranch Outfitters
Birch Creek Outfitters
Black Mountain Outfitters
Broken Hart Adventures
Broken Hart Ranch
C Francis & Co Sporting Agents
Cayuse Hills Outfitters
Chimney Rock Outfitters
Cody Carr’s Hunting Adventures
Cottonwood Outfitters
DL Elk Outfitters Inc.
Dog Creek Outfitters
Doonan Gulch Outfitters
Double D Outfitters
Elk Ridge Outfitters
Flying Diamond Guide Service
Ford Creek Guest Ranch
Harris Hunts
Hunters Montana LLC
Iron Wheel Guest Ranch
J&J Guide Service
JJJ Wilderness Ranch
Jumping Horse Outfitting
Landwehr Outfitters
Leyo Outfitting
Linehan Outfitting Company
Lone Wolf Guide Service
Loyd Ketchum Outfitting LLC
M & M Outfitters
M.A.D. Outfitting
Majestic Mountain Outfitters
Mark Young Outfitters LLC
Milk River Outfitters
Mills Wilderness Adventures of MT
Montana Big Game Outfitters
Montana Elk and Trout
Montana Hunting and Fishing Adventures
Montana Hunting Company
Montana Mountain Lion Adventures
Montana Outfitting Company
Montana River Ranch
Montana Whitetails
Montana Wilderness Lodge & Outfitting
Northern Rockies Outfitters
Perkins Outfitters
Ranger Peak Outfitting LLC
Rich Ranch Outfitting & Guest Ranch
Rising Son Outfitters
Scott Vollmer Outfitters
Sizzlin’ S Outfitters
SNS Outfitter & Guide Service
Stockton Outfitters, LLC
Sun Canyon Lodge & Outfitting
Sunday Creek Outfitters
Swan Mountain Outfitting
The Tackle Shop
Timber Mountain Outfitters LLC
Walker Outfitting
Wayne Hill Outfitting
West Slope Outfitters
Wild Country Outfitting LLC
Wild West Adventures
Wilderness Connection, Inc.

Hunter /Angler Defense Fund (HADF) Best Practices

  1. Add this very simple wording to your contract for every client.
    • Example 1 – Recommended Contract Wording:
    • Hunger Angler Defense Fund: $50.00 hunting client or $5 fishing client per day maximum 5 daysHunter Angler Defense Fund is a fee collected of all outfitted clients of Outfitter members of the Montana Outfitter & Guides Association for the purposes of defending nonresident hunting and fishing rights in the state of Montana.
    • Example 2 – Opt-Out Option:
    • In support of MOGA’s efforts, [Your Business Name] has added a $50.00 voluntary non-tax-deductible donation that goes directly to the Association. Let us know if you choose not to contribute and that amount will be deducted from the cost of your trip.
  2. Collect HADF funds into a passthrough account (non-tax liability)
  3. Remit the passthrough balance to the MOGA office for your HADF Contribution each year (at the end of season or end of the year).
  4. MOGA office will record your independent business contribution and will issue a receipt for your participation.

HADF / Hunter Angler Defense Fund COMMITMENT FORM

HADF Commitment Form

HADF Commitment Form

2021 11th Avenue, Ste. 12
Helena, MT 59601
Ph: (406) 449-3578 /