Montana Outfitter Directory

The only outfitter in the Bob Marshall Wilderness that caters to stock-supported guided hiking trips, Dropstone Outfitting’s services allow our guests to carry a light day pack while our seasoned stock transport the gear to camp. Based along Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, we know how special this part of Montana is, from the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex to nearby Glacier National Park. Because of this, we specialize in trips that introduce guests to gorgeous landscapes, remote locations, iconic wonders (like the Chinese Wall) and incredible hiking and backpacking routes in one of the state’s most beautiful places. Plus, our trips include knowledgeable guides, homecooked meals and an adventure that can only be found in the mountains of Montana.   We also provide public land, fair chase hunting opportunities at our Circus Creek Camp along the South Fork of Birch Creek. The Birch Creek area is a corridor used by mule deer and elk as they migrate from the interior of the Bob Marshall Wilderness to the Rocky Mountain Front. Open ridgelines provide ideal mule deer habitat, while lush river bottoms and high elevation basins are perfect places to find elk grazing in small groups. Here at Dropstone, we believe the hunt is as important as the harvest and that having a true desire to be in the mountains is an important part of the adventure. We offer several services–from drop camps to guided hunts–and can facilitate sheep hunts for tag holders as well. Call or email us to inquire about drop camp dates or check out hunting opportunities here.   Deer, Elk and Sheep/Archery and Rifle Hunting District 441 – National Forest Lands only  
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