End of the Trail

Legacy. Heritage. Tradition.

Outfitting has contributed immensely to the land and wildlife of the American West. Pioneers in this industry were some of the original leaders in wilderness and conservation movements. Many individual MOGA Outfitters and Guides who are no longer with us continue to influence us in rich remembrance of their words and deeds. Their spirit touched the lives of their communities, their clients, their families, and their friends.

We dedicate these pages to recognize and celebrate the amazing lives of Montana Outfitters and Guides who will never be forgotten.

In Our Heart

We feel you on the mountaintops, the wind that moves the pines
In the rushing of the river, we see the subtle signs
The falling star above us, the painted sunrise art
Your soul is in Montana, and we hold you in our heart.

-Sandy Seaton Sallee


How to Submit a Nomination

If you know a MOGA member who has passed away who was instrumental to the organization or exemplified the spirit of an outfitter and guide, we would like to add them to End of the Trail.

Tell us a little bit about them and send us a couple of pictures and we will connect with you to get the memorial up on the website.

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Marvin “Lee” Carlbom

December 23, 1951 – February 7, 2007

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Richard “Dick” Klick

February 7, 1934 – September 20, 2014

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Clarence and Helen Rich

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Joseph B. Murphy

August 23, 1890 – February 24, 1972

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Gene and Martha Youderain

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Thomas Albin Edwards


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Jack Atcheson, Sr.

May 9, 1932 – Dec. 27, 2017

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Glen Childers

February 7, 1912 – September 1983

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Leo Faber

August 23, 1890 – February 24, 1972

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